Who we are
YMCA Christchurch

Core Purpose

Investing in the Next Generation

Core Values

Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Caring


Building Strong People, Strong Families, Strong Communities


Christian action through community programmes


Throughout NZ there are 16 YMCAs all of which share a common purpose – which is to meet and relate to the needs of people in their communities, and where they work, in a way that will encourage them to develop as individuals, express their own needs and reach their full potential. 

YMCAs do this through programmes and relationships, involving YMCA workers with special youth community, recreational and motivational skills, guided by the four core values of honesty, respect, responsibility and caring.

The YMCAs across the country work together on a number of shared projects and aim to build strong people, strong families and strong communities by being locally responsive and engaged but also nationally co-operative and supportive.

The Christchurch YMCA is one of the largest YMCAs and like all Ys we have our own particular set of focuses, our core purpose is to Invest in the Next Generation and this is how we are doing it:

Not just to generate some revenue for our other programmes and services – but also to provide safe and healthy student accommodation for many young people.
Young People
Volunteering, leadership training, youth development programmes, outdoor education, training and education and fitness memberships and courses.
Older Adults
Life Fit, offering walking clubs, fitness and recreational clubs for adults 50+.
Parents and Families
Holiday programmes, camps, early childhood education, after school programmes and more.
Affordable and friendly – two great gyms with a range of classes, facilities and services.
People with Disabilities
Range of recreational opportunities and inclusive facilities and policies.
Conference space, accommodation and team building activities – the proceeds of which directly support all the other things we are doing.


100% Smokefree Policy

In line with the YMCA’s vision of strong people, strong families and strong communities, we operate a 100% Smokefree policy.  This covers all indoor areas and all outdoor areas owned or occupied by the YMCA Christchurch, including car-parks.  In addition, staff are prohibited from smoking in front of young people on YMCA programmes, in or around YMCA vehicles and in YMCA uniform.


Offering a wide range of fitness activities for all ages and abilities

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Book your Central City Christchurch accommodation here

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Fully licensed Early Learning Centre in Bishopdale for 3mths to 5yrs

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Join our technology centre – created specifically for young people

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