Tree Frogs

at Clip ‘n Climb

7-9 years

Tree Frogs at Clip ‘n Climb is a skill development focused programme, allowing participants to learn the basics of rock climbing technique whilst building their confidence levels through both games and structured climbing activities. Our instructor actively encourages and teaches participants entry level climbing skills whilst ensuring everyone is having heaps of fun!

The programme runs for four sessions – the first four weeks of the term, and the last four weeks of the term. Children can opt to do a part or full term depending on what suits them.

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Information & Timetable

Every student receives:
* 4 coached 1 hour sessions
* 1 free entry to Clip ‘n Climb

Suitable for children between the ages of 7 and 9 years old.

An adult supervision is required to attend and participate in each session.

The climbers must be wearing comfortable clothing with closed toe footwear. Running shoes are perfect. We are unable to hire footwear for use in Clip ‘n Climb. Please note that skirts are not practical when climbing unless tights are also worn.


$95 per 4 week course

for 7 – 9 years



Billy Goats

on the Climbing Wall

9-13 years

A great introduction to climbing.  Students will learn and develop skills in basic climbing technique and the safe belaying of others.

This course is designed for school students (minimum 9yrs of age) who are keen to experience indoor top rope climbing in a fun, safe and controlled environment with a friendly, experienced instructor.

An experienced instructor leads the classes through a variety of activities over the term, one of the main focuses of Billy Goats is to teach the participants how to belay on top rope. At the end of the term participants who have successfully learnt how to belay are awarded a belay licence and will be able to belay under the minimum age (13) with guardian supervision.

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Information & Timetable

* Top rope belaying
* Basic elements of climbing (holds and movement)
* Climbing techniques
* Bouldering safety
* Adventure based learning (ABL) activities and games
* Basic abseiling

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
4pm – 5pm 4pm – 5pm 4pm – 5pm 4pm – 5pm



$175 per term (10 weeks)
Select which day suits you best.



Peak Panthers

on the Climbing Wall

10-13 years

Peak Panthers is a 10 week course that focuses on basic lead climbing and abseiling skills such as:

  • Managing and using ropes
  • Safe quickdraw placement & removal
  • Grigri and ATC belaying
  • How to attach to and use an abseil with a back up

Each term also consists of a lot of climbing and other ABL activities.

Peak Panthers may not be suitable for younger participants and participants who have a fear of heights. We suggest you have a chat to your instructor to ensure that Peak Panthers is a good choice for your child. Permission from one of our instructors is required to attend the Peak Panthers. We also recommend that participants are over 10 years of age.

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Information & Timetable

If participants find a particular activity too difficult or scary they can focus on another aspect of climbing instead, like improving technique, knot tying etc. However they will be encouraged to give the activity a good attempt.

Entry into Peak Panthers requires completion of Billy Goats or staff approval, for children aged 10 years+

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
4pm – 5:30pm 5pm – 6:30pm 5pm – 6:30pm

$195 per term (10 weeks)
Select which day suits you best.




Alpine Lodge, Adventure Centre

9-13 years

Sign up to our archery club and learn the skills and techniques to get you on target!

The small group size means there is plenty of time spent letting arrows loose. Various games and archery related activities are played over the term. The programme is focused more on fun and teaching basic skills, rather than on competitive archery.

It’s a lot of fun!

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4pm – 4:45pm

$160 per term (10 weeks)




p 03 377 3000   e

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