Celebrating Youth Talent

Y Factor celebrates talented young performers aged 13-21, eager for a chance to win some cash prizes to help them on their artistic journeys! With a huge number of auditions for Y Factor this year, just 22 were selected to perform last Saturday night, and the audience was not disappointed with the calibre of their performances.

On the night

The 11th year of Y Factor kicked off with a classy jazz piece by the Chicks from Corea. The energy was high, with the skills to match it, and this set the tone for what turned out to be an incredible night of talent and performance.

As an audience member, it is quite hard to put your finger on what makes the Y Factor so incredibly special. Is it the talent, the lights, the atmosphere? Those involved in the show know that it is a sum of many parts: performers who bring every ounce of their talent to the stage, judges who are passionate about their craft and keen to pass on their knowledge, an audience that always meets the energy of the performers, and behind-the-scenes staging and lighting work that goes off without a hitch. It always makes for a night to remember, and the 2022 Y Factor was no exception.



Memorable moments
  • An incredible hip-hop animation routine performed by 15 year old Oliver Sutherland, who revealed he was self-taught through YouTube!
  • A stunning dance performance by returning Y Factor 2021 winner, Imke Koekemoer.
  • Drummer Jono Blackie getting the whole crowd involved with his enthusiastic performance.
  • The incredibly moving performance by Hana-Amaia Tamati-Paratene singing a beautiful piece she had translated into Te Reo Māori.
  • A beautiful duet by dance duo Lia and Royal, which was revealed to be entirely self-choreographed!



We were blown away by both the variety and the quality of the performances this year. From the audience’s perspective, it makes the entire show so enjoyable to see such a range of different skills and to see the young people performing them with so much confidence and passion.

Supreme and Dance category winner – Oliver Sutherland (15)
Singing category winner – Hana-Amaia Tamati-Paratene (16)
Musical category winner – Jono Blackie (19)

Runner-up in each category:
Dance – Maria Skorykh (21)
Singing – Ezra Neal (17) Singing
Musical – Black Wired band (13-16)


Special thanks to our judges

A core ‘why’ of Y Factor is to give these young performers a truly professional experience on the stage. A huge element of that is the opportunity to receive judges comments from a group of extremely talented and passionate people from the industry. We thank each of our judges for giving their time voluntarily and for their contributing comments and feedback in deciding our winners for Y Factor 2022:

> Toby Behan
> Rebekah Williams
> Courtney Hickmott
> Julian Ramsay


Special thanks to our sponsors

A huge thanks to our sponsors, Pub Charity and Marshall Day Acoustics, for making this night possible. We love seeing others in our community getting as passionate as we are about investing in the next generation.

Ngā mihi nui!



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