Promoting Dance!

The Dance Ambassadors programme aims to strengthen and support the Christchurch dance community through the promotion of active engagement with dance in Christchurch secondary schools. The programme runs in an annual cycle with events and activities taking place throughout the school year.

Through identifying suitable students to act as ambassadors for dance, the programme enables selected students to promote dance both as an art form and as a recreational activity within their school.

Dance Ambassadors are required to actively engage both with each other and with the wider dance community as part of the interactive programme, promoting dance not only by “word-of-mouth”, but also by “word-of-mouse”: via Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networking sites that they may use on a daily basis.


Programme Details

We offer practical support to these students within their schools, through providing a series of opportunities that will enhance the students’ ability and knowledge of dance and the dance industry.

These opportunities could include, amongst others:

  • Masterclass – company meet and show attendance during Royal New Zealand Ballet
  • A Day in the Life of Hagley Dance Company
  • A Day in the Life of NASDA at ARA institute
  • Masterclass with contemporary dancer Ross McCormack (Muscle Mouth)
  • Outstanding Feet – High School Dance Showcase
  • A series of classes with visiting dancers and choreographers
  • Potential workshop with New Zealand School of Dance
  • Possible shadowing of professional dance tutors as part of the YMCA’s ‘Dancing Like the Stars’ (low decile primary school dance project)
  • Potential workshop leading of ‘Thrill the World’ do a little dance challenge in 2nd half of the year
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Schools Involved

The Dance Ambassadors programme has been running in the following Christchurch secondary schools:

Ao Tawhiti Unlimited
Avonside Girls
Hagley College
Marian College
St Margaret’s






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