Light up the Stage!

Dancing like the Stars is a nine week programme that aims to promote and provide an active lifestyle through dance – a non-competitive form of physical activity – to children who would not normally be able to participate in dance for recreation.

The programme has several other benefits, which include building basic social skills and interactions, team building and teaching children about other cultures.


Programme Details

In the first half of the nine week programme each participating low-decile school learns a range of dance moves associated with a particular dance style. Then in the second half of the term each school is taught a choreographed dance routine – all overseen by a professional dance tutor.

Dance styles on offer in 2022 include, contemporary, jazz, ceroc, salsa, bachata merengue, ballroom, integrated dance and Samba de Gafieira.

The Dancing Like the Stars programme culminates in two gala performances at the Isaac Theatre Royal, where the schools perform in front of a huge crowd of family and friends.



Get Involved

If you are interested in getting your school involved with Dancing Like the Stars, please contact Adam

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